Our Candles & Blocks


Our Candles

Our jar candles are made with high-quality ingredients. Our wax is our own special blend along with a high-quality scent and custom colors that we produce. We take pride in the production of hand-pouring each one. Our candles scent fills up a room without even lighting it. We maximize our scent ratio to make sure they are a candle that will smell all the way to the last burn. Additionally, when you burn the candle properly it will not hollow it will burn evenly. We offer a variety of sizes 8oz, 16oz, 21oz, 24oz.


Our Blocks

Our block line of melts are made with paraffin wax along with the maximum amount of scent per oz in the candle and all the colors are custom produced. They are poured into 6 blocks of wax that equal 4oz in each bag.


Scent List 2019 (pdf)